Our Court Reporters, Mark included, hold both New Jersey state and national certifications. Whether your next deposition or proceeding is local, national or abroad, you will receive a professional and licensed court reporter. To save our clients’ time and to provide them with familiarity, our practice is to offer consistency of court reporters for continuing matters. Whether a slip-and-fall, medical malpractice, intellectual property, class action, or other complex litigation, we will match the correct reporter for your needs.


CCR – Certified Court Reporter
RPR – Registered Professional Reporter
CRR – Certified Realtime Reporter
RMR – Registered Merit Reporter


24/7/365. You no longer need to worry about locating transcripts or exhibits the eve of trial. Through secure login and access, all of your transcripts and exhibits are readily and securely available.


Viewing accurate speech-to-text simultaneously provides fluidity in the proceeding allowing for annotations and quick marks to be used in cross-examination. Color coding and indexing key words or phrases that may come up in the testimony will help to organize thoughts and strategy for individual or collaborative use. Requesting read backs will no longer be necessary as the entire proceeding from its start is at your fingertips. We provide Real Time for participants in one room, or we will coordinate a session streamed to remote participants. Computers, tablets or smart phone devices are all compatible.

Unedited Drafts:

Unedited a/k/a Rough Drafts are provided at the end of a day’s proceeding so counsel and their teams to review and prepare for the next day’s deposition. It is a productivity tool for those back-to-back deps when the completed transcript may not be needed. Rough Drafts may contain errors and/or missed strokes. They are considered non-admissible and may not be used in lieu of the certified transcript.


Transcripts are digitally certified to and delivered in the following formats: .pdf, .ptx (E-Tran), and .txt (ASCII)


Exhibits are scanned and hyperlinked within the digital transcript.

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