Decide How You Want To Present The Visuals
Presentation tools: Trial Director, TrialPad, Timeline 3D or other apps/programs
Important: Understand the benefits and limitations of the various methods and practice. Consult with us!
How Will You Present The Testimony
  • Large monitor or projection to screen
  • HDMI
  • TrialPad to Apple TV
  • PC/Laptop
  • Sync video to transcript
  • Wireless in the Courtroom

Know the courtroom geometry, available technology, limitations and restrictions.

Consult with us to assist in A/V consultation and coordination.

The Payoff

Decide what video clips you want to use in closing pursuant to Hayes v. Delamotte, 231 N.J. 373 (2018).

  • The Supreme Court approved the use of excerpts of video trial testimony in closing.
  • The excerpts must not be so lengthy to constitute a “second trial.”
  • The excerpts must be disclosed to your adversary to assure they do not misstate evidence or are taken out of context.
  • Important: Select excerpts carefully and do not overwhelm.
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