Decide early on what you need to use during the testimony and how the testimony will be captured. 

In the earlier days of standard definition video technology, not much thought needed to go into visually presenting testimony.  The parties and service provider showed up.  There did not need to be much interaction between the attorney and videographer.  The end product was a low-resolution single camera video with zoom ins and outs of the demonstrative evidence being utilized.  We at RLR have taken legal videography to a whole new level and offer our clients a variety of options.  Our experienced team of video specialists, Mark included, will  assist you in navigating the use of the most effective and state-of-the-art tools to achieve the best possible video presentation for settlement or trial purposes.

High Definition Cameras
Multi-Camera Angles / Dissolves
Settlement Brochures
Picture-In-Picture Digital Integration

○ Computer
○ Tablet
○ Smart Phones

Jury Selection / Jury Focus Groups
Synchronization of Video and Text
Site Surveys and Inspections
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