Top Things You Can Do To Benefit Your Court Reporter

Depositions most often times require that you have a court reporter be there for the process. These reporters are usually frequently booked for court and depositions, usually through agencies.

certified court reporter new jerseyIt’s their job to create an accurate set of records that has legally recorded events and things spoken. At the end of the day, you want to help your reporter to get the most accurate record possible, especially when a case depends on it.

Of course, most reporters are professional enough and well trained that they are going to give you a great result. Today we’re going over what you can do to help them and benefit your reporter so that the transcription is the best that it can ever be.

Do you know what you can do to help your transcriber/agency out? For one thing, you may have no idea that there are things you can do when you book services for deposition that can help your reporter and their agency create an accurate transcription.

Commit to communicating early in the process.

Communicate as you need to and earlier in the process as opposed to later. It’s good to schedule a hearing or a deposition with an agency as quickly as you know that you need one. The reporter that you hire will end up being part of that process, and the earlier that they have access to the materials and information that they need, the better off everyone will be.

Let them know about any changes.

Help out your reporter by keeping them actively informed about what is going on. If there are any changes to the schedule or any cancellations that occur, let them know. You may also want to send along any copies that you have that you either need or will be using, like a subpoena or other documents. This will let your reporter see them and get ready in advance so they are ultimately more prepared.

Let the agency know of any unique circumstances.

If you know that a deposition or court appointment will be longer and last through lunch or the evening, let the agency know. They can then inform the reporter, allowing them to make arrangements to let them cover these circumstances.

Knowing that you might need a videographer or an interpreter present means that you should also share this information with the agency. Do so ahead of time and give them as much information as you are able, explaining why these services will likely be needed.

Alert them to your needs and preferences.

Let the agency and reporter know what you will need and why. For instance, you may require the transcript to be in a certain format when you receive it. Or you may need it expedited. Letting an agency know your needs and preferences when you are booking will allow them (and the reporter) to take them into consideration.

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