7 Reasons to Use Video Depositions

Have you used video for a deposition? There are so many benefits of using this technology. The world that we live in right now is oriented to the visual. We watch television or a sports game, or check out a funny cat video online all of the time and give it our legal-video-conferencing-videography-video-depositions-new-jersey-njfull attention.

Videos can also useful. When it comes to the legal field, video can be very helpful when it comes to strengthening a case. For an attorney, turning to technology when it is useful could provide an advantage that makes the difference between winning and losing a case.

What are the advantages when it comes to pairing video with depositions? Consider the following benefits to find out exactly why so many people use video depositions to their advantage.

1. Showing Demeanor and Body Language of a Witness

Even if attorneys want to tell, it’s sometimes easier to show. Video allows lawyers to do that and help them make for a case that is more compelling. A transcript cannot communicate the reactions, body language, and state. When caught on video, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Displaying the true demeanor of the witness when they were testifying can be important, and video allows for that.

2. To Get the Attention of the Jury

Videos can get the attention of a jury that may not be as engaged otherwise. Jurors should ideally be engaged, and presenting evidence can help grab their attention when it is in video form. Since we’re used to paying attention when a video is on, video depositions often are the thing that can most grab the focus of a juror far more effectively than something like a transcript that is read aloud.

3. Allowing Witnesses That Aren’t Physically Present

Some witnesses are key to a case but cannot attend for whatever reason. The video can make up for distance, illness, or other reasons why the witness cannot physically be present. Whether at a home, hospital, care facility, or other place, video tech can be brought to them that allows them to participate in a deposition even though they cannot be there physically to do so.

4. Saving Money

Doctors or other witnesses often give their expert opinion. However, fees and travel costs can run quite high. Having video testimony can allow you to have the option to reference their words during proceedings at any time you like and even repeat it during closing arguments. It can save quite a bit when it comes to expenses for these experts otherwise.

5. Showing Physical Evidence

Another benefit to using video is that it can let a jury and a judge see a witness that is handling a piece of evidence. They can actually view it for themselves and all see the same video of the witness. If this display is critical, showing it on video can impart a lot to a jury that might otherwise be lost in translation.

6. They Assist In Trial Preparation

Legal video depositions could very well end up being a great reference tool when preparing for trial. Whether deciding to use witnesses or getting ready for examining the witnesses you will use, videos can come in handy. Using video means that you’ll also be able to review it as well as making your assessments while preparing and getting ready for your presentation at trial.

7. Impeaching the Witness

The testimony provided by a video deposition can even aid in impeaching a witness if or when they decide to change a testimony at trial. This is a huge benefit to video depositions and a great reason why so many do opt to use them. Seeing is believing, and a judge and a jury seeing a witness state something different on the video than they did in the courtroom can have a tremendous impact, far more so than even a transcript reading would have.

A legal video deposition can help make you more effective in a trial than ever, giving your client and yourself a better result in the end. Contact a court reporter if you’re deciding to use video and they’ll help you with the details. Remember to ask them what they will need for the deposition too. Use video for your depositions and take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer.

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