Court Reporters: Valuable Assets in a Tech-Filled World

When it comes to the word of the court, many people tend to think about the judge or the case or even the jury sitting there. But rarely do people note the court reporter, sitting there typing and important tips for court reporters 2creating a record of all that goes on.

The world is seemingly full of technology these days. Court reporting has traditionally been a position filled by humans and still is. Each and every single court hearing has a huge need for a reliable transcript of events, actions, and statements so that they have an accurate record of just what went on. Without it, they simply not function in the same way.

While it may seem that tech is popping up in many facets of life, the fact of the matter is that it isn’t likely to replacing these reporters anytime soon. Courts need people to be doing this job simply because of the fact that they are so reliable.

They don’t mess up and make errors and they certainly aren’t going to have a breakdown because something is ‘glitching’ and causing them not to function– unless they forgot to eat breakfast, which a reliable reporter always does.

Trials and hearings have a need for not only accurate records, but someone that is going to be able to speak up and signal when they need something repeated or were not able to discern a word that was said. Technology is currently not so integrated with impeccable AI that it can accomplish that– and if it can, it does not come anywhere close to rivaling the abilities of a human.

Reporters are simply a necessary part when it comes to any court proceedings because there needs to be the official recording. This then is turned into legal evidence, which can have a huge effect on how the case turns out. Without it, things simply cannot move forward.

Are you considering getting into this field? It could be a great career for you if you are willing to work hard as well as get certified. While many others are wondering whether tech will eliminate the need for human workers in some fields, the good news is that reporting will continue to need people to do this job simply because an accurate transcription and record is so important.

Tech is certainly something to worry about in a variety of job fields, but certainly not this one anytime soon. While the advancement of technology has certainly been able to help reporters in what they are able to get done, there is no question that they are not a rival for doing the job itself.

Reporters, also known as stenographers, put a lot of effort into learning their skills and continually striving for excellence in their field of choice. With discipline and pursuing your training, you can become a stenographer too!

It’s a great career path and one that is not at risk of being threatened by total tech replacement! They’re an integral part of the courts and more. If you’re interested in this field, do your research and find out more about what it involves and maybe find a training program or school near you.

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