Could The Growing Field of Court Reporting Be Right For You?

When it comes to court reporting, it’s a necessary job. You may be wondering whether this type of job is right for you! Becoming a certified court reporter might be a really good fit if you like to have a job that serves a purpose, enjoy being in places that are official or really like the idea of being in a court room and have certain traits, it may end up being something you look into.

certified-court-reporter-njMany end up staying in this career because it is so rewarding. Whether you’re looking to get into a career for the first time or considering switching, there is no question that court reporters serve an important job. It’s a very serious career and a job that the people that do it take seriously! After all, it is a crucial line of work that is integral to the legal system.

This may be a good fit for you if you like to be in court houses, have an attention to detail, like to do work that will be meaningful or serving a purpose, are organized and timely, and are generally extremely responsible. Being quick at typing can also help, but that is of course something learned along the way to becoming certified.

There’s a constant requirement for court reporters that are certified as well as trained. With constant field openings and more jobs available and projected to be available in the coming future, it’s a great field to consider as a career.

This is of course a remarkable shift from many career fields which are becoming outdated or even obsolete. There are so many jobs and lines of work that are going out of style. This increase of positions may be due to the steady requirement of this position for the courts and more as well as the fact that many people working currently are beginning the retirement process, have already retired, or will soon be retiring.

In a few years there may be as many as 5,500 court reporter jobs that have opened up in America alone! This field will continue this trend barring a bunch of courts closing down (unlikely to occur). This career is a great choice because you can get 2 years of training and get certified and start. That’s two less years than most degrees and you’re right out into the field, getting started and making money.

Best of all, you can depend on this as a career that is going to have a high beginning salary of $40,000 at least. You won’t have to wait a long time to make back the money that you invested and be earning a comfortable living.

There are so many individuals that would do really well working in this field. If you think that you are determined, professional, reliable, good with time management, detail oriented, committed, able to focus for long periods of time, among other positive traits, this might be the field for you!

Reporters are now able to get government jobs and can also transcribe for other areas and purposes. With so many jobs about to open out, this might be a great line to get into. If you’re quick and want a reliable career, and are accurate with tying, this might be for you!

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