Choosing a Court Reporting Agency

Are you thinking about becoming a certified court reporter or looking for an agency that offers these services? Court reporting is a flourishing careerCourtReporting service that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. That is why so many people end up getting trained, certified, and work in this career all over the nation and the world. It’s a demanding niche job that tends to attract serious individuals that are all about doing the job right!

Court reporters take down information in a legal or serious setting so that there is an official record of events. Court reporting agencies offer these services by having qualified reporters that know how to do their jobs! Far from being replaceable by a machine or a computer, the great thing about this field is how it appreciates and needs people that are efficient, detail-oriented, smart, and trustworthy.

Typing quickly is important, but it’s also the type of career that is good for people who are organized and fastidious about the little things. This is why so many opt to go with an agency that has reliable, certified reporters that are going to be able to provide that invaluable legal record of event (especially when compared to technological options).

Check Online for Reviews

Get a good feel about the type of agency that they are by going online. Bad reviews that have the same thing in common may be a red flag. You want to collaborate with an agency that seems to have a positive reputation and is professional.

Gauge Their Service Levels

How good or poor is their service? Do they return inquiries and messages (voicemail, email, etc.) in a timely and prompt fashion? Do they seem professional and provide great customer service, able to answer every question that you might have? Check out their website and make a call to find out.

Do Your Hiring Research

When hiring an agency, make sure that you do research first. Find out what they’re about and see what you like or dislike about them. Make a list of candidates and cross off those you find unappealing as you go.

See If They Travel

Better to see if an agency has a travel feature before you hire them than after! Check and make sure they’ve got reporters that travel or if you need to search elsewhere. You may also want to see that they provide equipment and any other features that they offer beforehand when hiring (such as travel, scheduling, videoconferencing, equipment, fees, etc.).

Look For Certification

If you’re getting certified and want to work with an agency or want certified reporters, that’s one aspect to keep in mind.

End Result: Transcript

Last but not least, the transcript. Do they have the ability to produce a timely and accurate transcript? That’s the main thing when looking to hire an agency.

Be selective and follow our guidelines and you’re likely to find a great court reporting agency with all of the requirements that you need!

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