Reasons to Use Video Depositions



Following advancements in technology, remote depositions via video technology have now become reality. Many courts allow the use of video depositions to gather testimonies and witness accounts for civil lawsuits.

The world is visual-oriented, meaning stakeholders in a case are more likely to give video depositions their full attention during court proceedings. If you are a lawyer, turning to video technology when conducting depositions can make the difference between winning and losing a case.

With that said, here are the top reasons why you should use video technology when conducting a deposition.


Display the True Demeanor of a Witness

A written deposition cannot display the true demeanor and body language of a witness. This makes it very difficult for the attorney to make a compelling case. With video depositions, attorneys can display the witness’s demeanor, reactions, and body language as they provide their sworn testimony.


Grab the Attention of the Presiding Jury

As highlighted above, the world that we live in is now visually oriented. Therefore, using videos is more likely to capture the full attention of the judge and jury. Video depositions can engage the jurors in a way that conventional depositions and transcripts cannot. After all, it is human nature to pay attention to visual displays rather than written text.


Allow for Remote Witnesses

A key witness may not be able to appear in court in person due to distance, sickness, or any other reasons. This is where the importance of video depositions comes into play. It does not matter whether the witness is at home or a care facility. You can use videos to capture witness accounts conveniently from any location. 


Cut Down on Costs

Video testimonies are not only convenient but also affordable. They cut down on fees and travel expenses that can raise the entire cost and make depositions expensive. Besides, you can replay video testimonies repeatedly without having to call witnesses to come to court again.


Better Trial Preparation

Preparing for a case can be a long and tedious process. In any case, you have to gather and study all the evidence and testimonies to have a better chance of winning a lawsuit. With video depositions, the process becomes much easier since these depositions can act as a reference tool. Besides, you can review and assess the video multiple times as you prepare your presentation.


Show Physical Evidence

Sometimes physical evidence is what is required to determine the outcome of a case. Seeing a witness in a video handling physical evidence can make the difference in compelling the judge and jury into making the right decision. However, the display must capture everything accordingly to avoid crucial evidence getting lost in translation.


Impeach Inconsistent Witnesses

Some witnesses can be so inconsistent and they may decide to change their testimonies at trial. Using video depositions can help impeach untrustworthy witnesses when they decide to testify something different in the courtroom than they did in the video deposition. The judge and the jury will spot the discrepancies and this will certainly have far-reaching consequences on the direction the case will take.

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