Questions You Should Always Ask Your Potential Court Reporting Company



While finding a certified court reporter in New Jersey can be a hassle, it is still possible to outsource a competent company if you know what to look for.


Below are some of the questions you should ask a court reporting company during vetting to ascertain whether they are right for you.


Their Level of Experience

Independent court reporters are often required to provide references from past jobs.


Similarly, when grilling a potential court reporting company for your projects, you should probe their background.


Check whether the firm can give you references from other attorneys who have worked on similar cases.


Don’t be hesitant to inquire about each court reporter’s qualifications, experience, and certifications.


Be sure to also pay attention to reviews and testimonials by other attorneys and clients who have worked with the firm.


The Services Offered

Many court recording companies often assume that audio recordings are sufficient to convey a client’s position in court correctly.


While this may be true in some cases, it is not always applicable. Therefore, when vetting a firm, ask whether they have the resources, facilities, and technology to make video depositions.


You might also want to check what transcription formats they use and how quickly they can deliver copies of depositions.


The Areas Served

It is crucial to hire a court reporting agency with a hosting space or numerous office locations.


If your preferred company doesn’t conduct depositions, you’ll need to determine which geographical locations it services and how far its employees are prepared to travel.


There may be instances where depositions need to be made over several days in different places, so the company should be able to plan logistics ahead of time.


You may also ask whether you can retain the same court reporter to avoid variations in the transcripts.


The Service Fee

The cost of court reporting can vary widely from one company to another, depending on their services.


Remember, the cheapest option is not always the best. So, when outsourcing court reporting services, aim for a company that will provide all the litigation services at a reasonable fee while still being pleasant enough to work with long term.


Bottom Line

Due diligence is critical when looking for the right company to outsource your court reporting to.


Fortunately, asking the right questions during the vetting process can save you a lot of time in the vetting process and ensure you find the most suitable company for your litigation needs.

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