Multitasking Can Raise the Stress Level of a Court Reporter



As much as court reporting needs to be a focused and attentive job in court, most of them inadvertently find themselves multitasking while working. This act can have severe consequences, considering the nature of their work.


However, it is not all doom, as some reporters benefit from doing multiple things alongside their work. 


Benefits of Multitasking

When done right, multitasking can help relieve boredom and ensure you are always busy.


Additionally, handling multiple tasks at once allows you to take extra work, which will not only earn you additional income but also win you compliments from your bosses.


The Downsides

No matter how dedicated you are to your job, failing to maintain a good work-life balance can have ramifications on both your productivity and health. Below are some of the problems you are likely to face:


  • Late Deliveries – Multitaskers inadvertently overrate their time management skills and often promise to deliver within timelines that are, in most cases, not realistic. Doing so would force you to sacrifice other essential activities like eating, exercising, and even sleeping, which can adversely affect your health and ability to function properly.
  • Last-Minute Changes – Failure to rein in your urge to do non-work tasks while working on a transcript can leave you in a difficult place when the deadline nears. You may even find yourself asking for deadline extensions or rescheduling future projects. Apart from affecting relations with your clients and thus your professional reputation, these abrupt changes can also affect you psychologically as you end up feeling like a failure.
  • No Rest – Being occupied with several things at once means you will take longer to finish each task than you would have if you dealt with one task at a time. Consequently, you will always find yourself with something to do, even when you should be resting and relaxing. This can cause physical and mental problems like insomnia, muscle pains, and headaches, which can keep you in considerable pain and affect your ability to focus on work.


Recovering From the High-Stress Period

If you are coming off a period where your multitasking affects your productivity and health, you need to purpose to get back on track. The first step in this regard is to recognize that it is normal and human to go through periods of high stress. 


Next, eliminate some unproductive habits like scrolling through social media and use your free time to catch up with your work.


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