Is Court Reporting Right For You? Field Job Growth Expected

Is Court Reporting Right For You? Field Job Growth ExpectedAre you the type of person who loves being in official places? Do you like law shows? Maybe you really enjoy being in a courtroom and always like serving jury duty. Some people like the importance of it and feeling useful and necessary. Some people actually don’t mind when they get a parking ticket, because they like being inside courthouses and official places. There’s nothing wrong with that– in fact, if you can’t tolerate being in a courtroom, you likely won’t enjoy being a court reporter as an official career path.

If you’re a member of the party that likes to be inside courthouses, have an eye for detail, and enjoy doing work that serves a purpose, you may be a good fit as one of many proud and certified court reporters! There is always a need for trained and certified court reporters. There are constant openings in the field and more jobs are projected to open up in the future. Good news if you haven’t selected a career field!

Why are so many positions opening up in this field? It’s likely due to the fact that a large number of people in the field are either in the process of retiring, already retiring, or will be retired. In just three years there is expected to be roughly 5,500 positions as a court reporter opening up in the United States alone. This is a field that will continue to have positions opening as the years go on.

One benefit of court reporting as a career is the fact that unlike other career choices, court reporting requires two years of schooling and certification to get started in. The beginning salary is usually somewhere around forty thousand dollars, so your schooling will be making you money right out of the gate.
There are a number of individuals out there who would do well as a court reporter. If you are fastidious, early, reliable, professional, determined, committed, detail-oriented, able to focus, and have typing skills, court reporting may be for you! Court reporters not only can get jobs with the government, but they can also do work transcribing for other functions as well, from classrooms to boardrooms.

There will be likely a number of jobs available in the field, so why not take advantage of the fact and try out court reporting? If you want a career and think you can type fast enough and listen accurately, you may be just the type of person they’re looking for!

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