Courtroom Equipment & Tech Tips For Large Venues

Courtroom Equipment & Tech Tips For Large VenuesAssembling equipment for a trial presentation set today is not all that different in the past. There have been plenty of tech advances in the past few decades, so you might be a little surprised to find out that this is the case. 4:3 standard format video is still the go-to tech, and trial presentation providers are able to accommodate wide screen 16:9 HDMI systems. These are frequently found in courtrooms with updated equipment, but the courts still retain 4:3 VGA connections to ensure that everyone has access to installed equipment.

All things considered, there isn’t necessarily a pressing need for extra high tech equipment that covers all the bases. Extra video width, while nice, isn’t really a necessity for courtrooms. Even if there were a need to have more width to show that type of video, it would be hard to imagine why. A video covering a deposition would already have the focus in view, so extra width would likely add up to a little bit of extra scenery in the forms of walls and cups on the table.

That being said, standard equipment is still a basic need in the courtroom, as any certified court reporter could attest. There are a lot of high quality products out there. Let’s go into examples of equipment that may be necessary, what they do, and the best options for each.

Projectors used to follow a lumens limit, but these days, 6,000 lumens is a standard amount for a projector. These levels will allow for a clear, bright image with normal lighting. In the case that you find that the lighting is not sufficient, the lights can be dimmed, but this often adds unnecessary stalling and distraction. A model you might want to check out is the Eiki LC-XL200A.

There are many screens out there that you can use. One standard is the Da-Lite 100” Deluxe Insta-Theater. This screen is nice to use because it’s super quick to install in courtrooms, saving you time (and potential embarrassment). Try the Floor Model C for a nice wide screen that doesn’t need a tripod, instead using an easy separate floor stand base. With a wide screen, the jury and court should be able to see any presented evidence clearly and without issue.

Of course, it’s always important to have high quality, working audio. Amplified speaker sets can provide clear sound– and a lack of clear sound is a problem in court. Try the Samson Expedition XP150, a portable PA set with good power, easy connections, and a mixer.

Tech Table
One thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a decent place to put all your equipment on. For this, you need a tech table. Your laptops and more have to have someplace to rest! There are many nice tables out there to choose from. Look for something that is easy to operate and is light enough to move without issue, but still sturdy enough to hold everything without collapsing. There are many good varieties on the market. You can go with a name brand or a medium range priced table– the choice is up to you!

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