How to Have Good Smartphone Habits

certified court reporter NJWhen it comes to your job, you know that it’s important to stay focused. Perhaps this may have been easier to do a couple of decades ago when we all had fewer distractions. However, in the digital age, we’re about as likely to be without our smartphone as we are to be wandering the streets without pants. Our phones are now necessary or at the very least incredibly useful, at all times.

This isn’t a problem on personal time, but what about when it comes to work? Check out our guide on how to develop good smartphone habit that you will benefit from while court reporting. Know when to check your phone, when to leave it alone, and what your general approach to marrying your new and improved smartphone habits and your actions on the job together so that you’re always professional. You know the saying: work smarter, not harder! Read on to find out more.

As a court reporter, you have to have a smartphone on you to keep track of email blasts and communicate with people. Your phone is the best way to get wind of job opportunities in a quick way. However, that also comes with the burden of actually having your cell phone on you. Not only can it be a startling jolt in the middle of a deposition or hearing, even having your phone on vibrate can distract you and lose focus on your job.

You don’t want to come across as unprofessional or disorganized, so what are you to do? It’s time to develop healthy smartphone habits that will finally help you out in your job instead of getting in the way.

So how you do you maintain a healthy relationship with your smart phone and enjoy its many benefits instead of allowing it to frustrate you throughout your day? It may actually start with establishing your own set of personal guidelines that will allow you to remain available when needed, yet not distracted when your attention is needed most.

  • Turn your phone to quiet or silent mode, not vibrate.
  • Make sure your phone is in your pocket, not on the table.
  • Close email or apps during morning sessions.
  • Keep your phone on top of your steno machine so you can check emails without turning
  • Know when the wrong times to look at your phone are and avoid checking your phone during these times.
  • Even if you’re in a deposition that is moving quickly, avoid the temptation to look at your phone!
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