Why You Should Pursue Realtime Court Reporting

Realtime court reportingAre you taking advantage of realtime court reporting? Do you know why you should be using it? It may just make your professional life a whole lot easier. Read on to find out why!

Get access to verbal testimony immediately.
Reporting in realtime lets everyone from the counsel and more to get access to rough copy transcripts. These are available also to house and co-counsel, the client, experts, clerks, and legal assistants. You can access this testimony on a laptop the second you need it, allowing you to be more on point during the litigation process. Basically, it keeps everyone on track and in the moment—valuable when you’re in the courtroom.

Scroll through questions and answers.
Realtime allows everyone to scroll through questions and answers that have been asked, keeping you up to date at all times. With just a tap of the keyboard, you are able to review everything and stay up to date perfectly. Even if something is forgotten or you can’t really go back to the place you were (the litigation equivalent of entering a room and then forgetting what it was that you came in for). You may even be able to make changes that make a question more in form so you don’t have to get rid of the content, just tweak it a little.

Private notes.
Litigation is so complex that all parties can really benefit from realtime. They’ll be able to make notes alongside the testimony to help them remember what’s critical. You can do all of this without revealing your strategy to the opposition—critical for winning a case.

Get answers to the questions you’ve asked. 
Having access to the transcription will allow you to repeat a question without needing the court reporter to read back what was said to allow you to clarify—valuable when seamless questioning is your goal. Many witnesses tend not to answer questions directly or go on a bit with details that are not relevant; realtime allows you to clarify for yourself and go through everything so that it proceeds smoothly.

It’s valuable.
Realtime can really be a valuable tool to have on your side. It provides you with content instantly, quick summary and indexing, and lets you synch up your litigation software. You can sync up notes you’ve made once the certified transcript is sent. 

Realtime reporting may just be the thing you’ve been looking for. Providing you with a leg up on the opponents is priceless in litigation. Take advantage and check it out today!

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