How Video Depositions Can Help in Court

Video DepositionsWhen it comes to video, it can seem like this medium is everywhere! With smartphones and Internet access available to us on a continual basis, it can seem like we’re watching videos all the time. YouTube is still just as popular as ever, and viral videos have the potential to make people a lot of money. You can even see video influencers creating content on their channels for their many viewers to watch.

So now that we’re focusing on the importance of video, how does that relate to video deposition services? We’ve got all the details, so read on to find out all about why the legal world is starting to turn to video to help win their court cases.

In recent years, the legal world has started to take advantage of video deposition in order to try and get a desired result. Video depositions are valuable additions to stenographic transcripts, helping to create richer testimonies. That’s because video has a greater effect on the human mind and can communicate a lot that words alone cannot. It can also add credibility to printed testimony. This can help sway a jury and ultimately to win a case.

Video depositions work well when presenting depositions of key witnesses and put on by the plaintiff as admissions to the defendant. They can help when witnesses are out of state or unable to travel to make the trail and thus could possibly not have their testimony make it to the ears of the jury and the judge. Video makes possible what would otherwise be quite difficult and can reinforce a case where in any other case it might have been made weaker.

Videos can also cut back on the costs of a trial. These types of depositions are also affordable and not at all expensive, which means that anyone can afford them. Any lawyer can use video deposition as a legal tool. However, it is on the party that is recording to make sure that the quality is good and there is proper tech being used. Poor quality video or recording may inadvertently work against you and you may find that the evidence is deemed inadmissible.

Attorneys may also be able to use online video depo services as well. With proper technology and manpower, it is possible to streamline the process. Many firms offer these services, but many do not. However, with videos making such an impact in court trials, more and more firms are looking into this aspect of court cases. If filming a video deposition, remember that visual impact is key and to make the quality of the video as high as possible. Be sure to coach the person to speak clearly and articulately, so that everything they say is picked up on camera.

At the end of the day, you cannot beat video depositions. It provides a service that is quite valuable when it comes to court cases. Not only that, but videos are often stored in databases so they can be accessed whenever you need to. Make testimonies and sway juries and judges to find in favor of your side with video depositions, so look into them today to find out more.

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