Top Tips For Professional PowerPoint Trial Presentations

When it comes to PowerPoint presentations that are going to trial, you want them to be professional at all times. A professional PowerPoint presentation is witnessed every day at work by a certified court reporter. When you see put-together PowerPower presentations done every day in court, a presentation that is put together poorly or doesn’t work really stands out. You don’t want to be that person that feels embarrassed because your visual presentation won’t even come up or looks shoddy!

Today we’re going into our top tips for creating a PowerPoint presentation that is not only professional but effective. Humans are very visual, so a visual presentation can be extremely influential and really emphasize a point that sticks with the viewers. Read on to discover how you can make a PowerPoint that will benefit your case instead of taking away from it and hopefully help you have a successful trial to celebrate at the end of it all.

Create an Outline
Getting a notepad or piece of paper and outlining the structure of your presentation might be very helpful. Write down what each slide will say and you can use your draft as a reference point. Think of it as a Hollywood movie and storyboard your presentation out before creating it, choosing which text and photos you will be using where.

Keep it Very Simple
Fancy text and shock value are not going to fly as well as you might hope. The best way to go about creating a presentation is to avoid the extra stuff and keep your slides very basic and professional. use a font such as Verdana or Arial and Times New Roman for headings. A gray or light blue background with tan text can look really nice and avoid encouraging eye strain.

Maintain Important Information
A minimum of information is good. It keeps jurors from getting confused and keeps your presentation tight. Putting the basics and essentials on the slides will help reinforce your argument instead of detracting from it.

Ensure Your Images are Sized and Cropped and Good Quality
Good quality photos are a must. Be sure they are cropped or sized correctly to look good and that they are placed correctly for the result you want.

Add in Audio or Video Clips
Even if you don’t need them, if they benefit your argument, consider including them. People really like watching a video and looking at images– they can’t help it!

Rehearse Showing Your Presentation
You want to have gone over your presentation at least a dozen times and how you are going to present it. When you click to the next slide, you want your words and your description to cover what’s there. You want your presentation to flow and work, not be clunky and awkward– the worst-case scenario.

Get it Done
Finishing your presentation is so important. A done PowerPoint is better than none at all. Get the presentation done and prioritize that because you need a bird in the hand instead of two in the bush. If you need help from a company or friend, get it– you need to be prepared any way that you can get there.

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