Tips for Court Reporters: What You Need to Know

important tips for court reporters 2If you are one of many certified court reporters, you likely already know what the job entails. It’s the job of the court reporter to take down what happens in a court room and be the official record keeper. You not only must to do so accurately, but you must pay attention and at times ask for clarity if something has been missed by you.

A good court reporter works diligently to record what goes on in an official courtroom and do so in a fair and objective way. Being good at your job means planning ahead and working hard. We’ve put it all together in a collection of tips, so read on and scroll down below to get the full transcription of our tips for you as a court reporter!

A court reporter is a huge part of the courtroom. Without them, you cannot rely on having a fair trial. One needs an official record of what happens and what is said in order to have that documentation to rely on. Being a certified reporter and working means that you are playing a very important role and one that is not easily filled by others. It is therefore crucial for reporters to do their job to the best of their ability and get everything right.

Part of that is not even natural talent; it’s taking care of yourself. A good reporter needs to be rested, and that means making sure you get a full eight hours of quality sleep a night. If you like coffee, it means having coffee on hand in the morning so you can get out the door. If you avoid being worn down and tired, you can probably avoid making errors while on the job too. Being alert is a huge part of the total equation, so make sure you make taking care of yourself and resting priorities.

This includes eating breakfast in the morning and making sure you have the energy to keep on going. Having the focus to really get the job done and be at your best is important, and breakfast definitely helps to fuel that. So always be sure that whether large or small you have a quality, nutritious breakfast to start your day.

Use your breaks well while working. Let your mind wander so you can go back to focusing easily. Eating outside on your lunch break can also refresh and relax you, so make an effort to be outdoors if you can.

You’ll also want to ask anyone to repeat what they said or speak more clearly if you need to. Always be sure you have the record right. That may mean speaking up if you didn’t hear something or there are multiple people talking.

As a certified court reporter, you are very valuable and serve a big role in the court system. Without them, our justice system simply could not run the same. Recording the events and words said accurately is your job. If you can work hard and do well in your job, you will go far as a court reporter. Thank you for reading our list of tips and happy reporting!

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