How to Be A Witness in Court: A Basic Guide

witness preparation tips New JerseyHave you ever been a witness in court? Usually, there isn’t a guide on how to be one. That’s why we’ve made one today. Most people haven’t been a witness so by going through everything that you might need to know if you go to court to be one, we hope to educate you a little more.

Today we’re going over our tips on how to be a witness and be prepared, so scroll down and discover more about the topic with our witness preparation tips.


Focus on your subpoena.

It’s not optional and so they are enforced via court order. Judges will be very displeased if you choose to ignore them or cannot clear your schedule to obey them. Save yourself a lot of hassle and obey them.


Talk with your attorney openly.

They need to know everything and so you have to be honest with them if you want to have the best strategy. Tell them it all no matter how you feel about it or how it makes you look.


Do what your attorney advises.

Your lawyer is going to be able to give you the best advice. If you’re paying them to represent you and they have the experience to back themselves up, take what they are saying into account when it comes to behaving in a deposition. As your attorney what questions you need to in order to know the process fully and go through the process. Talk with your lawyer and they’ll help you prep for trial and your deposition.


Be honest in your testimony. Speak clearly.

You don’t have to over-emphasize your words, but try and speak clearly during the session. Be concise and do not say more than you have to, but do not lie either.


Dress nicely.

How you dress is a sign of respect and it reflects upon you. So dress just as well as you can and while this doesn’t mean preparing for the Oscars it does mean a certain level of the wardrobe as well as ironing, cleanliness, and general appearance. Conservative is better than nothing!


Avoid Doing This:

  • Being flippant. You want to be taking everything seriously so avoid answering in a sarcastic or flippant manner if you can.
  • Explaining too much or offering up information. That’s just going to help anyone but you.
  • Spacing out too much. You’re up there to be a testifying witness so don’t forget to be focused.
  • Asking for a break at the trial. Take a bathroom break and eat before you come as they expect you to be prepared to testify.
  • Showing up being in an intoxicated state. That is a big deal and it’s not going to work for you at all so don’t do it! Be sober if you can be and eat breakfast!
  • Don’t answer questions that you didn’t understand. Ask for them to state the question to you again if you did not hear a question fully.
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