What’s So Great About Realtime Reporting?

When it comes to court reporting, is it better when it is in real time?

Court reporting in real time is when stenotype shorthand is converted into English instantly. The stenotype strokes are translated and the English version is sent off to counsel and litigation immediately.

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Real time court reporting allows for a written transcription to be produced of proceedings so that testimony and actions are way more available than they would be otherwise. Making notes to follow up with later is easier than ever, and anything that seems inconsistent can be taken down so that things are clarified later.


One of the advantages of this is that this can all be done without disrupting proceedings and keeps everything flowing smoothly. Software that does this often includes an instant messaging feature you can use for a variety of purposes, including speaking to your team in confidentiality without interrupting the proceedings.


Some reporters specialize in performing real time on their own. They have the ability to quickly take down information and use the tech accurately. Their knowledge and focus make instantaneous and accurate records is invaluable for courts that use this tech.


One of the better aspects of this tech is that people don’t even have to be in the same country to access it. You could be miles away and still be able to see what’s going on. Court reporters often take advantage of prep materials related to the case and take documents and technical information regarding the case down so that they can easily type the words or certain terms that may be lengthy or complicated.


These prep materials can prepare the reporter and the interpreter alike, as they are sometimes doing their job in the present moment as well. When it comes to an interpreter, they save time with a record in front of them– meaning they don’t need to request a question repeat nearly so often. This results in a more efficient and successful hearing overall.


Sending prep materials to a reporter will help them get ready for a proceeding and prepare for a deposition. Efficient court reporters are meticulous and detailed by nature or cultivation, and anything that they can get that will help them type out a transcript in a smooth manner will prove helpful.


The speed and flow of a deposition or hearing can vastly improve the overall experience and cut a lot of time off that would otherwise be taken up. The earlier that reporters can get their hands on them, the better.


Realtime court reporting is a great skill that reporters can develop and that many can benefit from. This type of reporting offers something that other styles of reporting have a tough time doing. It’s a step above the rest so if you can try it out for yourself, try it! You may really be impressed with the results.

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