Why Court Stenographers are Important

Following advancements in technology, the idea of replacing certified court reporters with hi-tech gadgets and machines has come up several times. In any case, technology has affected nearly all aspects of life, including matters to do with law and justice.

Nevertheless, nothing beats the efficiency and accuracy of a real-time court reporter when it comes to handling tasks in the courtroom. A sound recorder can only do so much as far as court proceedings are concerned.

Here are a few reasons why the job of a stenographer is so important, and why no form of technology can ever replace it in totality.


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Automating tasks in the courtroom might come with a few advantages, but this does not take away the fact that stenographers are undeniably more efficient compared to sound recorders and other related machines. 

Court reporters are able to record and take notes quickly and even write in shorthand to deliver legal records as required and in the right format. Machines, on the other hand, are limited in the sense that they cannot know if they have made an error.


Legal records require a high level of accuracy since any slight mistake might lead to an acquittal, a wrongful conviction or a mistrial. With that said, a stenographer is your surest bet as far as delivering accurate recordings is concerned. 

The reporter is able to ask for clarification before providing an audio transcription. Moreover, they can capture the spoken word in a meaningful context, without losing its original meaning. 

Machines can only record spoken words the way they are, since the device is unable to request for clarity. This can pose huge problems in the delivery of justice.


Capability to edit

Machines and computers are capable of editing records but only with human intervention. In essence, technology cannot work on its own without humans. This means interpreting various legal records and audio transcripts could be a challenge without the help of an experienced stenographer.

Certified court reporters are not only capable of writing shorthand notes, but also able to edit these notes quickly and effortlessly. Besides, they are able to utilize the available technological devices to do their jobs accurately and seamlessly.


No chance of malfunctioning

Let’s face it. A machine can breakdown at any time without notice, thus bringing court business of the day to a standstill (especially when there is no back up). This is where the importance of a real-time stenographer comes into play. 

If the stenographer is sick or unavailable, he or she will notify the court in advance to avoid inconveniences.  Besides, the assistant or a replacement reporter can take their place, thus ensuring the whole day is not lost.


Bottom line

From the look of things, certified court reporters are here to stay. After all, they are smart, innovative and dependable when it comes to providing accurate legal records. Despite the advancements in technology, stenographers are far too important to the legal process hence they are not going anywhere, anytime soon.

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