How Video Depositions Can Help in Court

certified court deposition videography new jersey new yorkSometimes, it may be impossible for witnesses to present their testimonies in person. This could be due to unforeseen reasons such as illness or out of state travel restrictions. Fortunately, with the emergence of video deposition services, key witnesses can now present their testimonies without having to make the trip to court.

Besides, video depositions are now admissible in court as long as they comply with Civil Rules and meet various specifications or requirements as set by the court. Moreover, court reporters may use video depositions along with audio transcripts for enhanced accuracy.

With that said, it is easy to tell that video depositions have a special and valuable place in the legal system. Here are a few ways videos can help in the courtroom.

Help create richer testimonies

Let’s face it. Audio transcripts and written testimonies can sometimes contain numerous errors, thus turning a case against any party involved. In addition, presenting erroneous transcripts before the court could jeopardize the reputation of a stenographer.

For this reason, stenographers, as well as certified court reporters, prefer using video depositions along with their legal recordings to help create richer and more accurate testimonies.

Add credibility to printed testimonies

Naturally, people tend to believe what they see compared to what they can read or hear. Apparently, oral and written testimonies are hardly believable to us humans unless they contain compelling evidence. 

Fortunately, video depositions can help add credibility to printed testimonies since the visual aspect conveys a deeper message to the human mind a lot more than words alone can!

Video depositions are convenient for out of state witnesses

Even though some states require witnesses to appear in court in person, more courtrooms are now accepting video depositions as an alternative to oral and written testimonies. This can be of great convenience, as not everyone likes going to court.

In addition, some key witnesses may be out of town or down with a bout of illness thus employing video deposition services could turn out to be a great option.

Cut back on costs

It might sound unbelievable, but video depositions are extremely affordable and can help cut down on the costs of running a full trial. Apparently, the recording party does not need to invest in expensive equipment to record visual testimonies. They only need to ensure the quality of the video is above par, and it complies with the set requirements for it to be admissible in court.

Help preserve testimonies

One of the most important aspects about video depositions is that they help preserve testimonies. Unlike printed documents that could get lost or damaged, video depositions are usually backed up in a database or cloud storage for enhanced safety and integrity.

Moreover, court reporters and other relevant parties can access these videos quickly and easily whenever they need to present them in court.

Can sway a case in your favor

The attorney is able to coach witnesses on what to say and what to answer during the recording process. This can sway a case in your favor without having to struggle.

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