Important Traits to Develop as a Court Reporter

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Are you currently working as a court reporter or planning to join this profession? You are probably aware of just how essential the work of a court reporter is to the smooth running of government agencies. 

Certified court reporters play a vital role when it comes to recording the proceedings of court cases and other legal matters. Due to the sensitive nature of the work that they do, court reporters are expected to maintain a very high level of professionalism. For this reason, a court reporter should develop certain attributes that will enable them to dispense their work well. 

Let us now look at some of the traits that you should focus on building as a certified court reporter.

Professionalism and Focus

In order to succeed as a court reporter, you should be able to perform your role professionally. This entails executing your tasks well, paying attention to your dressing and grooming as well as reporting for duty early enough. Furthermore, you need to have a high level of focus so that you are able to record and write down the correct information during proceedings. Being focused will help you minimize errors in your work and ensure you execute your tasks at the highest standards.

Reserved Judgment

As a certified court reporter, your role is to record what is said during legal proceedings as objectively and accurately as possible. In this capacity, there is no room for letting your personal feelings and biases cloud your judgment. You should, therefore, aspire to transcribe the events as they are reported without getting emotionally invested in the case.


Although we have mentioned this at the outset, I feel that this trait cannot be emphasized enough. A key part of being a professional court reporter involves observing punctuality at all times. This entails waking up early to prepare yourself and organize the tools and equipment that you will need for the day. As a rule of thumb, you should always make an allowance of at least 30 minutes when preparing for work to compensate for any time that may be wasted on commutes and other unexpected delays. This will ensure that you are always early and ready for work.


The role of a court reporter often makes one privy to sensitive information about legal cases. In light of this, the code of conduct requires that an individual working in this position maintains a high level of confidentiality. You should always refrain from discussing court cases with outsiders or sharing crucial details about legal proceedings with people who are not involved in the case.


In their line of duty, court reporters often find themselves having to sit through disturbing cases with very graphic details and testimonies. Without enough mental fortitude and emotional strength, it can be easy to breakdown during a legal proceeding or lose your cool. Nevertheless, the job of a court reporter requires very high level of neutrality and professionalism. For this reason, you should learn to be composed when dispensing your duty and avoid making personal judgments about cases. 

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