Top Reasons to Use Video Depositions

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Have you tried using video in your depositions? If not then it might be time to start considering that. There are plenty of benefits you can derive from using video depositions. 

We currently live in a highly visual technological landscape and videos have more or less become the primary medium of digital communication. Virtually all sectors have integrated video formats into their communication framework with the help of apps like Zoom and TikTok. 

Here are some of the ways in which a video deposition can benefit both you and your client.

It allows you to read the body language and demeanor of witnesses

Video depositions can help bolster an attorney’s case and make it more compelling. It is not always possible to recreate all of the reactions and body cues of witnesses during a deposition, but this is something that can be done very accurately on video. If there are video recordings of depositions, these can be referenced by a jury and used when making a ruling on a case. 

It captures and holds the attention of the jury

Using videos in your depositions not only allows you to make a more engaging presentation but also captures and maintains the attention of jurors. Exposure to video technology has conditioned us to passively pay attention to information that is presented in video format whether it is T.V shows or Youtube content.  So, even when there is no important proceeding going on during a deposition, videos can help keep your jurors more attentive compared to if they are listening to a transcript being readout.

It allows for witnesses who are not physically present to give their testimonies

One of the primary advantages of video depositions is that they allow for witnesses who are not able to physically attend the proceedings to present their submissions. This makes it possible for them to participate in the depositions without necessarily being present in the courtroom.

It cuts down on witness fees and travel costs

Having many witnesses in a deposition can be a very costly affair since it requires them to be facilitated throughout the deposition. The cost of transporting and accommodating witnesses throughout the period of deposition can be very enormous. However, by having them present their testimonies through video recordings, this cost can be significantly reduced.

Can be used as a reference point for trials

Videos can be very helpful tools of reference during a deposition. This is because you are able to review them and assess them when preparing your presentation. This can help improve the quality of your presentation and build a stronger case.

A final word

Using videos in your depositions has plenty of benefits that can significantly bolster your presentation and increase your effectiveness during a court proceeding. If you are interested in employing this medium in your deposition, enlist the services of a court reporter to help you set it up so that you are able to use it more effectively. 

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