Always on time or Early: Punctuality as a Court Reporter



You may already be a certified court reporter or aspiring to be one.  Either way, you probably know that employers hate tardiness and prefer having employees who go to work on time.


To keep your job and advance your career, you need to ensure you always get to work early. Persistent lateness portrays a bad image about you, and you may end up being sacked.  


While every profession requires that you get to work on time, punctuality in the court reporting field is slightly different. Being punctual as a court reporter means getting to your work stations well before the scheduled time, usually between 10-20 minutes earlier. While getting to court at the exact time may be possible, it’s better to tread on a fine line and not risk being late even by a minute.


As a  court reporter, when you report late to your work station, you may impede the smooth running of the court activities. For instance, a deposition may be held up if everyone but the court reporter arrives early. As such, most court reporters ensure they are at their assigned locations between 15 to 30 minutes before their scheduled time.


A court reporter’s tardiness may force other depositions to wait longer than anticipated. Such behavior not only evokes a dismissive attitude towards the reporter but may also force an attorney to rush the proceedings to catch up with the lost time.


At times, court reporters have to travel to places they are unfamiliar with. Getting to these places may prove to be a hurdle.  You are therefore advised to check out the details about the place in advance and make travel arrangements as soon as possible.


While checking out google maps for directions may be helpful, taking an excursion journey to the location may be more effective. The excursion will enable you to familiarize yourself with the route. You will therefore be able to determine how long the journey will take. Furthermore, you will also know the traffic situation of the place and any other factors that may hinder your journey such as detours or roadblocks. With this information, you will probably be able to make it to your work station in good time. 


On the D day, you should set out to your journey early to cater for any inconvenience that may pop up in your journey. For instance, in case you have a flat tire, it could eat up approximately 30 minutes of your time. Also, make sure you factor in other aspects like unfavorable weather conditions that may affect your journey. The above tips ensure that you get to your intended destination early so that all court activities can run smoothly. 


Getting to your assigned location in time can land you more jobs. Furthermore, getting to all depositions and court hearings on time portrays that you are diligent, respectful, and committed to your work. With such exemplary characters, the demand for your services is bound to increase. 

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