What Makes a Certified Court Reporter Successful?

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Court reporters are without a doubt important professionals in the legal ecosystem. Legal teams often require them not only to transcribe proceedings during court cases but also to gather statements and testimonies of witnesses out of court. All of these exercises are vital to a case, and may even influence the outcome of a hearing. Given the critical role that court reporters play, it is no wonder that successful court reporters are highly sought after. 


When hiring a court reporter, you naturally want someone who not only possesses the skills that are required for the job but also maintains a high standard of professionalism. As such, it might be wise to vet multiple candidates before hiring one as your court reporter. 


Whereas some people have a natural aptitude for this job, others may not be such a good fit. You should therefore begin by looking at the applicant’s qualifications and certifications to see if they fit the standard that you are looking for. In addition to this, you want to also consider the amount of time that the candidate has been working in this profession. 


Court reporters who have been employed for many years are typically more experienced than those who are just starting out. Hiring someone who has been in the profession longer, therefore, increases the likelihood of having a good experience. Another advantage of hiring a more experienced court reporter is that there is a high chance they have worked on similar cases in the past and may be familiar with what you require them to do. 


While certification, practical skills, and experience are fundamental to good court reporting, there are a couple of other things that you should look for when hiring a court reporter. These include:


Track Record

A successful court reporter should have a history of good experiences. When vetting your candidates for this position, be sure to ask them about their training and professional history. Request for copies of their previous records to verify what kind of jobs they have done. This will help determine whether they are a good fit for the kind of case you are seeking to hire them to work on.


Multitasking Skills

The ability to multitask is crucial when it comes to successful court reporting. This is because the job of a court reporter requires them to constantly listen and transcribe at the same time. When choosing your court reporter, therefore, it is important to ensure they are keen listeners as well as quick typists so that they are able to perform their duties efficiently.


Communication Skills

Although writing skills are fundamental to the job of a court reporter, communication skills are just as important. When hiring a court reporter for a long-term partnership, therefore, you should make sure they are able to communicate well and have the interpersonal skills required for a courtroom environment. This will ensure smooth proceedings with little to no misunderstandings. 



A successful court reporter is one who is fully engaged in their profession. Usually, you can tell how enthusiastic a candidate is about their job when you first get to meet them. A passionate court reporter will guarantee great results since they will bring their best game to every case. 


Turnaround Time

During court proceedings, there are moments when you may need a recording to be turned around very swiftly. A competent court reporter is one that is able to do this without breaking a sweat. Make sure to check in with them about their past court cases to verify whether they are capable of delivering a turnaround at a moment’s instance. 



Court reporters who are sourced locally tend to be familiar with the judges and courthouses in your jurisdiction. They may also be conversant with state laws, which makes the whole process a lot easier. 


A Final Word

Working with a competent court reporter can be a delightful experience since they not only have the practical skills to deliver high-quality recordings but also possess the interpersonal qualities to navigate the high-pressure environment of a courtroom. Taking note of the above-mentioned properties during your vetting process will ensure you find the best person for the job.

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