Court Reporter Certification Benefits

Working as a court reporter can be a very rewarding job. However, things get all the better if you graduate to the status of a certified court reporter. A certified court reporter reaps many benefits that a non-certified reporter does not.

Many court reporters in New Hampshire were recently alarmed when they found out the news that the state legislature was looking to get rid of certification boards that included the board for court reporting certification. They ended up lobbying and delaying the legislation for a year.

Getting certified as a court reporter comes with many benefits. Right now, multiple states also require that court reporters have certification in order to work, while in other states, getting certified is optional. We are proud to say that New Jersey is a state which requires certification. Since court reporters play such an important part of the litigation and court process, the National Court Reporters Association says that they must have the correct set of skills in order to fulfill their responsibilities. In other words, certification proves that you are able to do what you are required to do.

Certification is done through the state or through the NCRA. The NCRA’s objective is to set national standards for certification. NCRA’S National Conference of State Associations arm helps states that are looking to establish requirements for certification or licensing. The organization has been applying certification programs, which are nationally recognized, since 1937. Court reporters can take the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) certification, which is recognized by 22 states, and get the equivalent of certification as well.

One big benefit of becoming certified is that as a court reporter, you may find it easier to land a new job. When in doubt, companies always want to go with reporters who are certified over those who are not. Getting certified or the equivalent of the RPR ensures that you have an edge over other candidates and become more valuable. Being certified demonstrates the ability to show that reporters will be able to act fairly and ethically while in litigation and have a set of skills that ensures they will be able to do their job.

Getting certified will impress both your employers and the clients you work for, and having the abilities needed to do your job will only build your reputation. It’s a way to stand out from other reporters who are vying for the jobs you’re getting as well. It’s the next step in securing and holding onto a job and a great stepping stone from which you can diversify your skills and advance your knowledge and ability in your chosen field. Be on the forefront of knowledge in your field and get certified today and see how your opportunities multiply.

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