Upcoming Trends in Legal Technology

Upcoming Trends in Legal Technology As an experienced court reporter or a recent new comer to the field, you likely want to learn all that you can about your field and stay up on the current news and trends. Staying updated on your career and new developments, products, news, and especially trends are always important. By keeping one eye focused on the future, you can adjust and grow with your field as we go into the new age.

Here are some upcoming trends in legal technology that you should keep an eye out for in the near future. Some of these technologies are being integrated already, while others remain relatively new. Check out these trends and find out why you should be interested in these upcoming trends. Every experienced court reporter needs to stay on the ball and be totally informed about what’s going in their career, after all! Let’s get into it without any further ado.

Courtroom Trial Presentation Systems

The old days used to mean that you would lug your presentation around yourself. These days things have upgraded a bit as most courtrooms have a relative abundance of trial presentation equipment already installed. While not all courts currently have courtroom trial presentation systems, so when a court room does have one of these systems, they expect you to be using it.

This can mean that you need to use a system that maybe you have never used before. It may benefit you to go online or learn about how to use these Courtroom Trial Presentation Systems if you think you have to work at a facility that has one. State courts may be a little behind the federal courts but everyone is supportive of their potential use thanks to their ease of use, efficiency of presentation, and helping the jury to better understand evidence. They can also speed up trials quite a bit. These HDMI systems may be able to provide a more efficient courtroom experience.


Lexis Nexis purchased legal analytics company Lex Machina, a significant acquisition that symbolizes the advent of analytics and its value. Analytics startups may be the next big thing– and information is always valuable. Look for analytics start ups to be rising trend.

Smart Phones & Apps

With everyone being on their smart phone these days, you probably already expect some level of technology to be coming out related to that. Well, these phones are connecting us not only to other people but to the Internet and apps all of the time. We can check our email, use apps, text someone, send a memo, order things, and more.

The best thing about smart phones is that you can choose from any number of apps that let you do everything from checking your bank account to accessing a presentation. Don’t fall behind with the times; see what apps in your field you could be taking advantage of today.

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