Always on Time or Early: Punctuality as a Court Reporter

certified court reporter new jersey Are you a certified court reporter or looking to be one? You probably already know that being early or on time is always acceptable with work, but being late is not.


Not only can you put yourself at risk of losing your job, but you may gain a reputation as being unreliable. In order to build your career, you must commit to being early at all times.


Today we’re talking about the benefits of being on time and early. While it’s always great to be on time, in the court reporting field, being about ten to twenty minutes early is the same as being on time. If you think you might make it there for the exact time you’re supposed to be there, you’re cutting it close.


Most court reporters show up anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes before they are scheduled to be there as a rule. When reporters are late, it has a huge impact. Lateness can hold up a deposition if everyone but the court reporter has gotten there on time.


As you can imagine, this is a worse case scenario. It means that all parties now have the responsibility of being at the deposition location for a time longer than they planned– while they wait for the court reporter to show up. Not only does this create a negative impression of the court reporter, this can also mean that attorneys may feel pressure to move through quickly once they have gotten started.


As you can imagine, commuting to physical locations that you may never have been to before can be tough. That’s why you’ve got to set it up so that you are definitely going to get there early. If you’ve never been to a deposition location before, look up the location beforehand.


Familiarize yourself with the route and different ways to get there. You may also want to actually check that you can get there by driving it beforehand and making sure that your directions are correct and you can get to he location. This will also allow you to figure out any snags that may occur, such as congested traffic due to roadwork or detours that you may not have been aware about that will add extra time to your commute.


Give yourself a lot of time to get to your destination. Leaving early will help you avoid any pitfalls that may pop up. You’d be amazed at how quickly a flat tire can add 30 minutes or more onto your travel time and make you late. Don’t give anyone space to report to your agency about lack of punctuality by leaving well ahead of time. You’ll also want to account for any weather that’s happening as well, as wintry or stormy conditions can add time to your travel as well.


Being early benefits your reputation as a court reporter and can even land you more work. Not only is it respectful, it is essential to be early for all depositions and court hearings that you are working. They depend on you to get there on time. By cultivating a commitment to being early and taking those extra precautions to make sure you arrive well before the start time, you’ll not only be professional but in demand too.

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