What Are the Benefits When It Comes to Legal Videography?

When it comes to legal videography, what are the benefits? There’s a lot that you can do with videotaped testimony when it Video Depositionscomes to a deposition and they can used in trial for various purposes.

One of the more well known purposes would be to impeach a witness while they are testifying. This can be very effective on a jury because a contradictory statement played back has tremendous impact. It’s a far more dramatic and impactful way to produce results than simply having counsel read back a conflicting quote or statement.

The truth is that we’re visual creatures but also suspicious and emotional at the same time. We can get a feeling much better if we see something for ourselves– and as they say, seeing is truly believing. Having a video as opposed to words being read on a paper can often be a very different experience and one that has a huge effect on how a trial goes.

Legal video that has been taped can often be very useful. It can take the place of a live testimony while still delivering the content of that testimony. This is often done when clients or witnesses live out of state or have a medical condition that means that they will not be able to travel. Whatever the reason is, using video to take the place of an in-person testimony is a common practice.

Video depositions are also becoming utilized more frequently these days due to their efficiency. Using video tape over getting someone all the way to court can often help save a lot of cost. Even for expert testimonials, this can be used.

Videos do not necessarily have to involve testimonials as well. They may also occasionally focus on reconstructing an accident. This can display to a jury the way that an accident occurred and cuts out the middleman of imagination for a more effective presentation. In addition, video testimonies can present to a jury the chance to see everything about a witness and their testimony.

As people have been proven to remember things that they have both heard and seen more after a period of 72 hours over things that they just heard (audio), it makes sense that video depositions are so frequently used. Trial presentations frequently benefit from using them– and that is why so many litigation parties use them time and time again.

When it comes to needing testimony, this type of videography can come in handy. It could mean the difference between winning and losing a trial.

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