How Can an Attorney Save Money on Video Depositions?



Technology generally makes things easier and cheaper, and things are no different in the legal field. For example, since the COVID-19 pandemic, lawyers have had a massive spike in the use of video depositions. 


Some attorneys prefer to use video testimonies in all their cases due to the time and cost savings. In contrast, others who are more cautious about technology only do videos on the most critical cases.


Regardless of how many times you use video depositions, you will naturally be looking for ways to reduce further the costs involved. 


Ways to Save Money While Using Video Depositions

Whether you videotape all your depositions or only do so on special occasions, you will find that the recording costs can add up pretty quickly if you don’t make efforts to lower them. 


Below are four proven ways to protect your bottom line while still giving your clients the invaluable benefits of video depositions:


Record In-House

Hiring a pro videographer is not necessary in most cases and can quickly run up your costs. With so many video recording options available, it is cheaper and more convenient to record your own videos. 


You only need basic video equipment and good lighting, and you’re ready to go. If you are not well-versed in videography, you can have one of your staff do the recording or even hire an intern anytime you need to record.


However, you will need to ensure your deposition complies with the Federal and State Rules of Civil Procedure, particularly sections about the use of video testimony. It would help if you also had the witness ready to take an oath in court to clear the way for their testimonial to be used as evidence.


Hire Freelance Videographers

Preparing a deposition tape can be overwhelming for anyone who’s not a professional videographer. There are edits and copies to be made, file names to be determined, and storage to be sorted out. Buying good enough equipment to produce clear footage may also be a challenge if you are a small firm.


In such situations, we recommend using freelance videographers. They will not only come with their own quality equipment but will also offer great advice on things like camera angles and lighting. Moreover, they are an on-demand service, so they will not be a constant on your payroll. 


For best results, you may want to work with a freelancer who is well versed with the laws touching on legal videography.


Outsource Some Things

Paying for recording software, editing tools, and video production rooms can leave a big dent in your finances. As such, you don’t need to take this path. 


Instead, look for companies offering all-in-one services and contact them whenever you need to record. 


Luckily, many companies offer fully equipped recording rooms, video hosting, and even videography services, so you won’t have to look for long.


Recover Your Costs

They may help make your work easier, but video depositions benefit the client more. You should not be afraid to recover your costs after the client gets a settlement.


To make things easier, you should initially offer videotaping as an option and only proceed with it if a client wholeheartedly approves.


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