Always on time or Early: Punctuality as a Court Reporter

  You may already be a certified court reporter or aspiring to be one.  Either way, you probably know that employers hate tardiness and prefer having employees who go to work on time.   To keep your job and advance your career, you need to ensure you always get to work early. Persistent lateness portrays

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Court Reporting 101: What a Certified Court Reporter Does

  What does a certified court reporter do? You may already be venturing into this line of work, or you have aspirations to be a court reporter in the future. Perhaps you’ve never even heard of this term.   Let us start from the top! So who is a court reporter? Also known as a

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The Importance of Stenographer in The Courtroom

  Stenographers (also known as court reporters) are an integral part of court proceedings. Their speed and accuracy in taking down what’s said in courtrooms, and preparing transcripts for the same is equal parts astounding and commendable.    And even as many courts start reconsidering the roles of their stenographers in the age of faster

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Tips on How to Choose a Court Reporting Agency   

In case you need court depositions, it is crucial to hire a  professional court reporting agency to get the best results possible.    Taking into account how significant testimonies can be to cases, you must ensure that yours are in the possession of a dependable agency. Regardless of whether you need an affidavit done soon,

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How to be a Witness in Court

  Have you ever had the chance to testify as a witness in a court case? If not you are probably wondering what the protocols and procedures are. Most people have never stood in as witnesses in a court case, and are therefore often unaware of what to expect. So in this post, we are

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Top Reasons to Use Video Depositions

Have you tried using video in your depositions? If not then it might be time to start considering that. There are plenty of benefits you can derive from using video depositions.  We currently live in a highly visual technological landscape and videos have more or less become the primary medium of digital communication. Virtually all

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