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Why Court Stenographers are Important

Following advancements in technology, the idea of replacing certified court reporters with hi-tech gadgets and machines has come up several times. In any case, technology has affected nearly all aspects of life, including matters to do with law and justice. Nevertheless, nothing beats the efficiency and accuracy of a real-time court reporter when it comes

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Tips to Being a Witness in Court

It is highly likely that you’ve never been a witness in court, but when that time comes, you should be ready to provide your side of the story without panicking or messing up. Here are a few court witness tips that you can use for your big day in the corridors of justice. What You

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3 Ways to Keep Your Workplace Clean During Coronavirus Scare

The Coronavirus pandemic is fast spreading across the globe, with the United States being among the countries worst hit by the outbreak of this disease. With this in mind, it is reasonably understandable that employers and employees are worried about how to curb the disease from spreading through the workplace. According to the Centers for

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The Benefits of Legal Video For a Case

Legal videos, mostly used in video conferencing and depositions, are very valuable to any case they’re applied to. Having been first used in courtrooms about three decades ago, legal videos have considerably grown, both in terms of popularity and quality over the years.  Moreover, while creating quality legal videography requires a high level of expertise,

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Why Digital Recorders Can’t Beat a Court Stenographer

Just like any other profession, court reporting has not been spared from digitization, with digital recorders threatening to send the old but still very effective stenographers to obsolescence.  Of course, these devices have some appeal, but they can’t really match up to human court reporters. This is mainly because they depend on human input to

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How to Succeed in the Courtroom

The direction a trial takes not only depends on how you present your case, but also on how you carry yourself throughout your career as an attorney. Here are some courtroom success tips that you should consider if you want to make it in the corridors of justice. Gain some experience Your success in the

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