How Can an Attorney Save Money on Video Depositions?

  Technology generally makes things easier and cheaper, and things are no different in the legal field. For example, since the COVID-19 pandemic, lawyers have had a massive spike in the use of video depositions.    Some attorneys prefer to use video testimonies in all their cases due to the time and cost savings. In

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Human Court Reporters vs. Voice Recognition Technology

  A certified court reporter is critical to the seamless functioning of the legal system, and for the longest time, there was never any worry that the profession would go obsolete.    However, recent fast-paced technological advancements, notably voice recording and AI technology, have been increasingly worrying for many reporters and industry analysts.    One

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Should Attorneys Be Using Social Media?

  Law is widely regarded as a rigid profession, so steeped in its old ways that the entire job has come to be defined by traditions. It is, therefore, no surprise that most lawyers – at least in their official capacities – shy off from social media.    Many propose that social media is merely

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Court Reporters: Valuable Assets in a Tech-Filled World

  In the courtroom, and even in movies portraying legal dramas, most of the attention and focus is given to the attorneys, judges, juries, and the parties in the case. Rarely, if ever, does the wider audience pay attention to the folks seated in the background, furiously typing on seemingly old-fashioned typewriters. That, unfortunately, is

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Multitasking Can Raise the Stress Level of a Court Reporter

  As much as court reporting needs to be a focused and attentive job in court, most of them inadvertently find themselves multitasking while working. This act can have severe consequences, considering the nature of their work.   However, it is not all doom, as some reporters benefit from doing multiple things alongside their work. 

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Our Best Tips Regarding Court Reporting

Arguably, no other job requires the amount of focus, concentration, and accuracy that court reporting does. Apart from being able to listen to and accurately record every word spoken in a courtroom, court reporters must know how to set up, operate, and make the most of their work equipment.   What’s more, reporters also need

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