Technology Benefits in Court Reporting

  No doubt, technology has become an integral part of the court reporting processing. The same way you see self-checkout machines at grocery stores and libraries is equivalent to the robotics and voice recognition systems available in modern courts. Courtroom staff can utilize various machines and automated robotics in more ways than ever before. The

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Training Requirements as a Court Videographer

  There are various types of court videography licensing. A popular one, however, comes from the AGCV (American Guild of Court Videographers). They are certified deposition video specialists and licensing board. When you are thinking about working as a court videographer, also note that you need some special skill set and training. Court videographers always

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Does Technology Hold a Future to Replace Human Court Reporters?

Times have changed, and even the most stable enterprises have found themselves being wiped out by constant changes in technology. Court reporting is not an exemption.  Few elements may replace the value of certified court reporters except robots and machines. Holding incomparable skills, and expertise, these professionals are uncelebrated champions of the judiciary. Unlike other

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A History on the Stenograph Machine

Do you know what court reporting is? Are you conversant with the process court reporters undertake to accomplish their tasks? If you are a certified court reporter, then you might have some knowledge of what court reporting entails. Even so, only a few court reporters bother to look into the history of stenography.    The

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What’s So Great About Realtime Reporting? 

  Real-time reporting has made court reporting more efficient than ever before. So what does real-time court reporting entail? It simply involves the instant conversion of stenotype shorthand into English. The resultant English version is often forwarded immediately to the attorney for use in litigation.   Real-time court reporting enables stenographers to efficiently avail a

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Always on time or Early: Punctuality as a Court Reporter

  You may already be a certified court reporter or aspiring to be one.  Either way, you probably know that employers hate tardiness and prefer having employees who go to work on time.   To keep your job and advance your career, you need to ensure you always get to work early. Persistent lateness portrays

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