Reasons to Use Video Depositions

  Following advancements in technology, remote depositions via video technology have now become reality. Many courts allow the use of video depositions to gather testimonies and witness accounts for civil lawsuits. The world is visual-oriented, meaning stakeholders in a case are more likely to give video depositions their full attention during court proceedings. If you

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How are Court Reporters Such Fast Typists?

  One of the greatest skills of an experienced court reporter is the ability to type quickly and accurately. If you’ve ever been to a courtroom, you may have noticed a court reporter recording transcripts during proceedings. Typing quickly without any errors is a skill that court reporters or stenographers learn and gain over time.

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Important Things to Benefit Your Court Reporter

  The success of a deposition process depends on the experience of the stenographer or court reporter. Most depositions require the presence of a certified court reporter for the process to go on effectively. In any case, it is their job to capture legal data accurately and precisely as this will determine the direction a

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Creating Quality Deposition Transcripts

  If you are a stenographer, court reporter, or professional transcriber, creating deposition transcripts can determine the direction of a lawsuit. You must make sure that you capture every detail accurately and precisely.    Court reporters are human, meaning they are not immune to making mistakes. That is why it is always a good idea

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6 Tips to Prepare Your Client for Deposition

  Depositions are legally binding, meaning all witnesses must provide information about a particular case. Moreover, attorneys from both sides need to know what all witnesses will say during court proceedings in order to prepare their defense accordingly.    It is therefore important to prepare your client for deposition way in advance. This will help

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Benefits of Court Reporters for Attorneys

Do you know the role of a professional court reporter? The services of a real-time court reporter always come in handy to lawyers and attorneys during depositions. They play a key role in ensuring that witness testimonies are clear and accurate. Stenographers transcribe and translate what is being said and done to ensure that they

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