Why You Need a Court Reporter for Your Arbitration Session

  The job of a certified court reporter or stenographer is to capture and record accurate reports of court proceedings. Since arbitration is an out-of-court dispute resolution process, a court reporter is not usually present during proceedings. However, appointing one for your arbitration session might prove beneficial.   Arbitrations are intended to deliver a fair

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7 Tips for an Effective Trial Preparation

  The final few weeks prior to a court trial are often hectic and demanding for attorneys and their support team. This period is usually earmarked by a lot of pressure, which can have a significant impact on the proceedings of the trial as well as the final outcome. Every little detail of the case

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What Makes a Certified Court Reporter Successful?

  Court reporters are without a doubt important professionals in the legal ecosystem. Legal teams often require them not only to transcribe proceedings during court cases but also to gather statements and testimonies of witnesses out of court. All of these exercises are vital to a case, and may even influence the outcome of a

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Tips for Becoming a Certified Court Reporter

  A career as a court reporter can be so fulfilling. However, you need to undergo in-depth training to attain the right skills and graduate as a certified court reporter. Professional stenographers must possess fast typing skills and have a range of vocabulary at their fingertips.    With that said, here are a few helpful

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Reasons to Use Video Depositions

  Following advancements in technology, remote depositions via video technology have now become reality. Many courts allow the use of video depositions to gather testimonies and witness accounts for civil lawsuits. The world is visual-oriented, meaning stakeholders in a case are more likely to give video depositions their full attention during court proceedings. If you

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How are Court Reporters Such Fast Typists?

  One of the greatest skills of an experienced court reporter is the ability to type quickly and accurately. If you’ve ever been to a courtroom, you may have noticed a court reporter recording transcripts during proceedings. Typing quickly without any errors is a skill that court reporters or stenographers learn and gain over time.

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