Why Good Communication is Important During a Deposition

  The objective of a deposition is to gather and preserve evidence. They are also significant in evaluating witnesses, gaining admissions, and solidifying trial testimony.    Good communication is vital during a deposition since there is no room for error. Everyone in the room, including the certified court reporter, must play their role to ensure

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Guidelines for Protecting Young Witnesses

  Child testimonies are equally persuasive, and they can influence the direction of a case since many people consider children as highly credible. Depending on the issue, young witnesses are less likely to deceive or lie in court unless they have gone through extensive coaching on what to say or not say.   That’s not

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Are Remote Depositions, Mediations, and Arbitrations Here to Stay?

  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the mode of doing business, even in the courtroom. In-person sessions are no longer safe or viable. In line with health guidelines, attorneys and court reporters are now using video conferencing to conduct remote depositions, mediations, and arbitrations.   Virtual litigation is becoming common, with legal professionals embracing the

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Benefits of Using Transcripts in Court Cases

  The role of a court reporter is to produce accurate transcripts that relay what was said during court proceedings as precisely as possible. The written records must be 100% correct to prevent any discrepancies that might subvert the course of justice. That is why court reporters spend years learning the trade and honing their

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Why You Need a Court Reporter for Your Arbitration Session

  The job of a certified court reporter or stenographer is to capture and record accurate reports of court proceedings. Since arbitration is an out-of-court dispute resolution process, a court reporter is not usually present during proceedings. However, appointing one for your arbitration session might prove beneficial.   Arbitrations are intended to deliver a fair

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