How To Prepare For Your First Deposition as a Court Reporter

  Every aspiring court reporter looks forward to the day they can practice the skills they’ve learned in the classroom. Preparing for your first deposition as a certified court reporter can be an anxiety-inducing experience. As much as you have the skills, you might struggle with confidence and worry about messing up your big day.   

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How To Choose The Right Court Reporting Agency

  Are you in the market for a court reporting agency to work with on a case or looking to become a court reporter yourself? Well, we have good news for you!   Court reporting is a rewarding career that has been steadily growing in demand and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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Creating Professional PowerPoints For a Trial

  PowerPoint presentations are very commonplace in court depositions. In addition, experienced court reporters often employ these tools to help attorneys drive specific points home and make compelling arguments.    For this reason, the power of a professionally done PowerPoint presentation can hardly be overstated.    If you are wondering how to create an effective

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What Kind Of Experience Should A Good Court Reporter Have?

  When looking to hire a court reporter to work on your case, one of the most important things you’ll probably be looking for, besides academic qualifications, is work experience.    As with other professions, the kind of experience that a court reporter has under their belt can make all the difference in how well

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Could The Field Of Court Reporting Be Right For You?

  Court reporting is arguably one of the most important careers in the legal industry. Court reporters are responsible for producing accurate, secure, and complete transcripts of depositions, trials, and other legal proceedings. This makes them pretty much indispensable players in the legal process.    However, court reporting is not for everyone like any other

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